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Mad Hare Press LLC is a Latina owned small business dedicated to the world of printmaking. Combining traditional and contemporary printmaking techniques to produce unique and captivating artwork. 


MHP offers a two-fold experience, centered around creating & selling exquisite prints and educating individuals through printmaking and multi-media workshops.

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My Story

Liz Ortiz of Mad Hare Press is a Latina multidisciplinary artist based in Fort Collins, CO. Liz specializes in various printmaking techniques & holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) with concentrations in Photo Image Making and Printmaking from Colorado State University. 

During her academic career, she focused on intaglio, lithography & woodcut printmaking methods along with analog B&W photography. 


Liz has transitioned to accessible printmaking methods & currently focuses on relief block printing. She uses various block surfaces, mainly hard linoleum (Lino), to create relief prints. Each image is hand-carved on one or more Lino blocks and printed on various surfaces. 


Her imagery focuses on graceful and bold line work to create impactful figures & nature-inspired compositions. Inspired by the infinite gestural line work of nature Liz embodies this natural occurrence in each piece.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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